Prestashop 1.7

7 reasons to like Prestashop 1.7

The launch of Prestashop 1.7 is definitely THE event of the beginning of 2016. There is no release date yet, but the Prestashop team gave us a sneak peek of its new features through their blog. Clarity and simplicity seem to be this version’s goals in order to improve your user experience as an online seller.

Here are 7 reasons to like Prestashop 1.7

1. A new way to guide the users

In this new version, you will be guided in every step of your e-shop installation and setup by a new onboarding process. This improvement is due to the beginners’ difficulties to get started.

Guide utilisateur Prestashop 1.7

2. A simpler way to create products

No more panic attacks while creating products for your e-shop! This page has been completely changed. There are now only 6 tabs (instead of 12) which are: “Main information” (with the product’s characteristics, information about the manufacturers etc.), “Advanced price”, “Variations & quantity”, “Shipping”, “SEO” and “Options”.

Création de produits Prestashop 1.7

3. A better organization of the modules’ page.

The modules’ page has been modified to be more intuitive. Prestashop created 3 tabs: “Selection”, “Installed modules” and “Notifications”.

The “Selection” tab shows the list of modules you can install on you e-shop. There are some changes made on the modules’ presentation cards and on the search bar which should be more effective.The “Installed Modules” tab allows you to manage your installed modules (as its name suggests!). However, the pre-installed modules are now separated from the modules you have installed yourself. Finally, the “Notifications” tab is supposed to tell you when you should update the modules. A configuration key has been set up so a module can tell you if it has been correctly installed or not.

4. A better checkout process.

Prestashop want his checkout process to be quicker and more efficient. Specialists have observed that the shorter the checkout process is, the bigger is the probability that the client is going to go through the checkout process in its totality. No more checkout process in 5 steps, the new version is lighter with only one page. The design is very simple to prevent the client from being distracted. By default, visitors do not have to be connected to their account to order. This is a way to avoid stopping the client is his checkout process. However, the client will be encouraged to register after his purchase. Finally, visitors will be informed at any moment about their cart’s content by a recap on the right, and the amount of the purchase will be indicated in the confirmation button.

Tunnel de commande Prestashop 1.7

5. A more flexible theme.

The Prestashop team has decided to integrate a more flexible theme. The aim is to let the online sellers and developers have more freedom in the making of their e-shop. This lighter basis will facilitate the creation and the personalization of themes.

6. New payement API

To respect every country’s laws, Prestashop chose to take into account the strictest ones : german laws.

7. A movable contact form

This new version will include contact forms as widgets so it will be easier to move it where you want to.

This new version seems to be very promising, we just have to wait its release patiently !


Sources  Blog Creanico et Prestashop Team

Photos : © Blog Creanico 

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