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[Update] Manage easily your discount campaigns !

As a new year usually means changes and evolutions, we decided it was time to update our discount campaign module.

Recap of this module’s features

For those of you who did not know about this (almost) magic module, it essentially allows you to apply a discount to a large product selection in a few clicks. It is also possible to set your discount campaign in advance, which basically means no more panic attacks while preparing for sale day!

What is new ?

Online sellers are always full of questions before sale day :Which product should be part of this campaign ? Which discount should I apply ?

The main new feature of this module is that it brings you needed information to take your decisions, within easy reach. In fact, thanks to the unique interface you can know about the available stock of every product, the date of the last order, and the margin. This feature allows you to make a quick relevant product selection.

discount campaign

There is also something new concerning your product combinations ! It is now possible to make a selection among your combinations very easily on the interface. Then the discount can be applied to your selection in a few clicks !

combinations on sale

We know how precious is your time. That is why we want to make this interface clear and simple to use.

Here are some new displaying options to help you use the interface :

  • Possibility to only display products with a minimum age.
  • Possibility to only display active products.
  • Possibility to display the stock, last purchase date and the margin calculated with the wholesale price

displaying options

This new version is perfectly compatible with Prestashop 1.6.

Try our module

This module is available on our demonstration website
E-mail :
Password : demodemo

Where can I buy this module ?

This module is available on the Modules Prestashop Dream me up website.

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