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[New] New products management module

Manage easily your new products

Whether it is to promote a new collection or to introduce an unseen combination of one of your products, your e-shop “New products” category  is very important. It is an essential tool to boost your sales by increasing your products’ visbility and attraction. It is also a way to get a more dynamic online store.

Rubrique Nouveaux produits Au fur et à mesure

To this day, the new products management functionality is very limited on PrestaShop. Only products with a minimum age can be displayed on the “New products” category. It means you need to create another product information sheet if you want to display an unseen combination, which can be very laborious if you have a lot of new combinations. That is why, our team worked very hard to provide you a more optimal solution : the DMU new products management module.

A single interface

This module allows you to administrate easily your new products thanks to a single interface. You just have to select, in the list, the products you want to display as new products. It does not take into account their age, so it is possible to select any products of your e-shop. Online stores with a huge catalog can use this module as well, thanks to the mass modification function, which can save a lot of your time. You can select several products at the same time in order to display them in the “New products” category.


new products management

A simplified configuration

Another benefit of this module is that it is easy to apply once you made your new products selection. Indeed, the selection is displayed automatically on the provided spaces, whether it is a page, a column or a banner.

The module makes easier the modification of the new products display time. This parameter is set on a maximum age of 20 days by default, and you need to go through the preferences to change it. With the module, the change can be made directly on the interface. It is also possible to set a different display time to your products.

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