Quick products administration

How to save time on the management of your products catalogue ?

No matter how big is your Prestashop e-commerce online store, you know that managing your catalogue of products can be very time consuming and even tedious. In fact, if you want to modify something on a few products you have to edit each one of them, one by one ! So we challenged ourselves to improve your Prestashop experience by helping you to save some time ! That is why, we created for you the DMU quick products Administration module.

Quick products administration module

Easy to use, this module gives you a detailed overview of your catalogue of products. But mostly, it allows you to edit quickly all the characteristics of your products thanks to a single interface

What are the benefits of this module ?

  1. Filter your products according to several criteria (categories, manufacturers, brands, suppliers, date of creation, attributes, characteristiques, activated or not, on sales, in stock etc.)
  2. Enjoy the overview of your catalogue of products.

Quick products administration

3. Modify the data linked to your products in a few clicks (References, suppliers, name, summary, description, price, location, weight etc.). Most of the product fields are editable. It is also possible to dupplicate your products thanks to a button.

Quick products administration

4. Make mass modifications on a products selection to activate or desactivate them, or to increase or decrease their price. It is also possible to delete simultaneously a selection of combinations.

Quick products administration

This module is among Prestashop’s favorites according to the Prestashop Awards 2016.

Here is a glimpse at what our clients have to say :

” I rate this module as 5 stars but only because I can’t give it 6 stars and this module deserve it on sure. Recommended 100%”

“Love it. makes price adjustments so much faster and easier. “

“Great product easy to use.”

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