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The growth of m-commerce in France

Digitalization and smartphone democratization are reponsible for the success of the m-commerce for the last years. French people are more and more connected. Smartphones and tablets have now replaced computers. That is why, your online store needs to be mobile friendly. There are two solutions. You can create a mobile version of your online store in addition to your actual online store, or you can make your online store responsive. It means that your website is displayed differently according to the device used. Changing your website to a responsive version has a cost, but we are sure that the following statistics are going to convince you that it is worth it.

The growth of m-commerce in France

What is the m-commerce ?

The m-commerce or the mobile commerce is the aggregation of all the online purchases made using a smartphone or a tablet. Today, most of the clients still use a computer to order online, but it could change this year. They do not use their smartphone only to get information anymore, clients tend to use it more and more to buy online. Fashion, transportation, culture, high tech and tourism are the most affected fields.

Key figures of the mobile commerce

Today, the m-commerce is very successful as more than 6 million people have used their smartphone or tablet at least once to buy a product online, in France. It is supposed to represent a 7 billion euros value in 2015. This infography made by  the agency JVWEB shows how important is the mobile in e-commerce.


Predictions for 2016 are as much promising ! The number of annual purchases on mobile will increase from 10.5 to 15. And the average amount spent is probably going to rise from 522€ by buyer to 711.67€. So, there will be a 36% increase.  (Source : retailmenot).

M-commerce stakes

If mobile commerce is already a part of the consumer habit, there are still a lot of challenges. Indeed, it is necessary to change some steps in the ordering process. The secure aspect is probably the most important, whether it is for secure payments or the protection of personal data. Mobile users want to be sure that they are protected when they buy online with their smartphone. So do not hesitate to display some reassurance elements to build your clients trust. It is also better to use payment solutions that are compatible with the use of a mobile like Paypal or Buyster.

The quick evolution of smartphones’quality makes mobile users more demanding. So it is important to provide them the best user experience ever ! First, make sure your online store is loading quickly, mobile users usually expect internet browsing to be faster on mobile. You can also simplifiy your content to allow mobile users to find quickly the information they need.

Finally, mobile is all about personalization. More and more companies send personalized offers to their clients using text messages, if the client gave his consent of course. This method is very efficient to create customers loyalty by informing them about the new discount campaign on your e-shop. However, you have to find the right balance between sending interesting offers and being to invasive.


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