Statistics in real time

How to follow the path of your e-shop visitors on PrestaShop ?

Being an e-merchant, you are usually dying to know who is on your Prestashop e-store at the moment, or which product pages are visited right now by internet users. It is absolutely normal to be curious about your e-shop activity and to want to know more about your visitors. Today, personalization is key, so you need to get all the right information to manage correctly your e-commerce activity.

How to know more about your visitors and their path on your E-store ?

At Dream me up, we work every day in collaboration with a lot of e-merchants from different fields. So we are aware of the importance of this problematic for your activity. That is why we have created a Prestashop module allowing you to get all the information you need in real time.

Real time Statistics module

The simplified interface that we have created allows you to get a lot of information at a glance. You can know directly the number of internet users that are on your website, and you can follow them through the ordering process. There is also a recap of the orders of the day in the right column.

This interface gives you a full access to internet users cart details in real time, but also to the history of all the product pages they have visited.


Statistics in real time

You can follow your visitors path, page after page. This module also gives you the identity of internet users if they are connected to their customer account. It is possible to do some researches in the history if you want to get more information about a client.

Statistics in real time


Finally, it is possible to modify easily the module set up to choose the time display or the data retention time. You can also add a custom tracker on any element of your e-shop.

Statistics in real time

All the information that you can get thanks to this module can help you to choose the right marketing strategy, but also to find some potential problems on your e-store.

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You can try this module on our demo.

Where can I buy this module ?

This module is available on Modules Prestashop Dream me up or on Prestashop Addons.

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