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How to improve your clients experience on Prestashop ?

It is probably the most used expression by e-commerce experts right now : the client experience. But, what is it ? Client experience can be defined as the client’s opinion about a brand after he had been in contact directly or indirectly with it. It is composed of several elements linked to the customer’s well being before, during and after the buying process.

client experience

If it is sometimes neglected by e-merchants, a good client experience is still an undeniable asset to increase your sales on your e-shop. Indeed, the clients satisfaction can improve your brand’s reputation, so it allows you to get new clients easily and at a lower cost.

How to improve your clients experience on Prestashop ?

1. Get a lot of info on your clients

Today, it is essential to get all the information you can about your clients and your prospects. For example, you can organize a contest or release a whitepaper to get a lot of data, or you can analyze your website statistics. Data allow you to anticipate easily your clients needs, but also to provide them the most efficient solution in case of a problem. Learn more about how to follow the path of your visitors on Prestashop

Client knowledge is vital to reinforce your client loyalty and to improve the image of your company.

2. A personalizable and optimized e-store

One of the key elements in the client experience evaluation is your e-shop quality. It has to fulfill internet users expectations in terms of content, security and loading speed. Here are some advices to satisfy your visitors :

  • Use a professional design on your website, because the first impression is the most important one.
  • Your e-store has to be responsive to provide a good experience to mobiles and tablets users.
  • Use simple and pertinent ergonomics to allow internet users to browse easily on your website.
  • Be sure that your e-shop is loading quickly thanks to Google page speed.
  • Create personalized pages thanks to your clients profile and browsing history in order to show them a personalized selection of products.
  • Make it easier for internet users to do some researches by giving them some personalized product suggestions.
  • Display clearly your company contact details to make it easier for your clients to reach you if they have a problem or a question.
  • Optimize your ordering process to allow your client to buy easily your products. Lear more about how to optimize your conversion funnel.
  • Give multiple delivery options.
  • Shorten your delivery date.
  • Create good contents to add value to your e-store and your products by giving some advices and recommandations.

3. A conscientious customer service

Finally, it is needed to maintain a good relationship with your clients so they can get a satisfying experience. They have to feel understood, and unique !

To reach this goal, your customer service has to be available to take the time to answer every question. The problem has to be fixed quickly and efficiently.

Today, the rise of social media has create a lot of ways to get in touch with a brand. That is why, it is important to be connected to the social media plateforms used by your target. No more needs to look for your contact details, your clients can contact you directly via your Facebook page or your Twitter account. It is a way for your customer service to be more and more reactive and to answer quickly to internet users. You can also set up a chat to be even more reactive.

And once again, personalization is key ! No more scripts and repeated speeches. Your clients need to feel privileged everytime they have an exchange with your company. Do not hesitate to let a personalized note in their package and give them some goodies to make a good impression.

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