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3 mistakes to avoid when you start your e-commerce

Starting an online store is not always easy, e-commerce solutions keep changing, and there is more and more competition every day. That is why, the slightest mistake can be fatal. So, here are a few advices to avoid making any mistakes.

3 mistakes to avoid when you start your e-commerce.

1. To launch an unfinished website

The beginning of a new adventure is always exciting, however you need to be patient and to do things properly. Launching an unfinished website does not give a good (and professional) image to your potential clients. And we know that the first impression is the most important one to convince internet users that your online store is interesting.

There are a few elements you need to check before the launch of your website :

  • Study your competitors ! Go on their website, see how they display their product pages etc. It could give you some inspiration to set up your own online store, without duplicating content of course. This is also a good way to identify the standards of your field.
  • Make sure your website is giving a good image of your company by choosing a professional design in line with your activity. Select carefully the photos you want to display on your e-shop, the quality has to be close to perfection. Do not display “under construction” pages. And do not forget to check your spelling, an online store with a lot of spelling mistakes does not build internet users trust. 
  • Provide high quality content. All your sales points are in the content of your pages, so you have to work on your speech. Take the time to write your product pages. Each one has to be unique and to answer every question that might have internet users. Do not forget to display information that could reassure internet users such as the CVG or the about us page. The contact details of the company have to be clearly displayed in case your clients need to reach you.

2. To forget about the client experience

Nowadays, internet users usually have the choice between a multitude of websites to buy a same product. That is why you need to increase your chances by providing them the best experience ever.

It is needed to have a website which fulfills their expectations. To do that, the first step is to make sure that your online store is responsive (it means that it adjusts itself to mobile and tablet screens). More and more buyers tend to shop online using their smartphones, so it is important to allow them to browse comfortably and to buy easily your products. To help internet users to browse, create a simple and intuitive tree view. They have to be able to find quickly what they need.

Give priority to your e-shop load speed. Because if one of your visitors thinks that it is not quick enough, he will not hesitate to go buy the product on your competitors online store.

It is the same thing for your ordering process. Internet users like speed and simplicity. So try not to add steps that could create an obstacle for your visitors, like the necessity to create a client account to complete an order. And do not forget to give your clients the possibility to have a choice in the delivery and in the payment methods.

Finally, it is important to have an available and qualified customers service for your clients. The secret is to be reactive, you have to answer internet users questions very quickly in order to make them feel satisfied. Do not hesitate to reward your clients to win their loyalty, by giving them goodies or discount coupons.

3. To not use every existing communication channel

To get more visitors on your e-shop and boost your sales, you have to promote your activity on every existing plateform used by your target.

  • Improve your visibility on search engines by optimizing your SEO (select key words, write meta tags and title tags).
  • Invest in SEA campaigns  by buying key words on Google AdWords.
  • Be on the social media plateforms used by your target to get them to know about your e-shop. It is a way to create a connection with your clients and to identify the influencers in your field.
  • Create a blog to generate a lot of traffic on your online store. This tool allows you to create high quality content easily (advices, examples of uses etc.)
  • Create affiliation with other websites so they can promote your products using links or banners.
  • Integrate market places as Amazon in order to use their abondant traffic to promote your products.

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