Optimize your orders preparation on PrestaShop

Today, internet users are getting more and more demanding, and particularly about delivery dates. Which makes it hard to stay in the competition even more. Some companies offer the possibility to pick up an order in one of their shops 3 hours after it has been placed. Some others deliver at home the following day. That is why, it is essential to shorten the time between the order confirmation and the delivery.

How to shorten your orders preparation time ?

At Dream me up, we have created an essential tool to speed up your preparation process. It is the improved orders list Prestashop module. It allows you to get a lot of information about your orders in a glance, thanks to the single interface.

With the orders list, you get an overall view on the purchases made on your e-shop. Their status (payment accepted, canceled etc.) can be identified easily thanks to the different colors. And you can set up your own color code. It is also possible to update several statuses in one click by selecting the corresponding orders.

improved orders list module

Thanks to the hover over, you can quickly get all the needed information about your client like his name and his address. It is a huge time saver when your preprare the orders.

Improved orders list moduleNo need to go on an order to know what is in the cart, you just have to hover over. It tells you which products your client bought, their quantity, their price and their attributes (size, colors etc.).

improved orders list module

Do not waste your time in the preparation of gift orders. This module is displaying on the interface, the message that goes with the gift. It appears when you hover over the envelope icon. It also allows you to know if the client wants the gift to be wrapped, or if he let you a message about his purchase.

improved orders list module

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  1. The Shorter time for order processing is beneficial for both merchants and customers. One can easily improve the sales , in result increase in profit. You made work easier for merchants. Nice achievement .

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