Is your e-shop ready for the sales ?

Sales are coming ! It usually means a lot of working hours and a lot of stress for e-merchants ! This period of activity is essential for the company’s revenue. That is why your e-shop needs to be ready for the big day. Any mistakes can be fatal, so you need to be careful and to anticipate the discount campaigns set up to be sure that everything is taken care of.

How to prepare your sales in advance on your Prestashop e-shop ?

At Dream me up, we have created an efficient tool to help you in your sales preparation. It is the Discount Campaigns Prestashop Module. It is a quick and easy way to plan in advance your discount campaigns. This module is a time saver

1. Create and plan your discount campaigns

The first step is to give a name to your discount campaign, for example “Summer Sales 2016”. Then, you can determine the date and time of the beginning and the end of your campaign. Please, note that you can modify the date and time at any moment.

discount campaigns DMU

2. Select the products you want to put on sales and assign a reduction

Once you have created your campaign, a products list should appear. Of course, it is possible to filter these products by categories, by brands or by using a key word. This module can also be helpful to decide which products should be on sales. It displays a lot of strategic information like the date of the last time the product has been sold, the stock, the purchase price etc. on the single interface.

Select the products you want to put on sales and assign a price decrease. The reduction can be an amount or a percentage. Thanks to its unique interface, the module allows you to quickly assign different price decreases on each one of your products.

discount campaigns DMU

It is also possible to assign a price decrease on every product combination. Indeed, you can set up different price decreases according to the color or the size of the product, in a few clicks.

Discount campaigns DMU

3. Plan several discount campaigns at the same time

Finally, to anticipate the set up of all the different price decreases during the sales, this module allows you to plan several discount campaigns in advance. This feature allows you to be relaxed during the sales.

Discount campaigns DMU

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