How to use Snapchat to promote your e-commerce ?

Being generation Y favorite social media plateform, Snapchat is more and more used by companies to promote their brand and their online store. If french brands did not follow this trend yet, we can not  ignore the fact that the social plateform became quite popular during the last few years.

With more than 100 millions of daily users, Snapchat is very successful with millennials. This generation that grew up with internet and smartphones, is watching more than 10 billion videos a day.

Snapchat, what is it ?

It is a mobile app that allows you to share photos and videos for less than 10 seconds. This content is ephemeral, which means that it can be watched once or twice during a limited time (24 hours), after that it is gone forever. It is possible to share contents with a few selected people or your list of subscribers.

If the aim of the app is mostly to entertain people, it is transitioning more and more through e-commerce by giving big companies the possibility to promote themselves in the tab “Discover”. But being on Snapchat is also a good thing for smaller companies.

Why should you use Snapchat to promote your e-commerce ?

Unlike more intrusive ways to win customers loyalty, Snapchat allows you to get closer to the users by talking to them individually or collectively. The ephemeral format is perfect to keep the user’s attention until the end of your message.

Snapchat is a good way to make your brand or your online shop more human for clients and potential clients. And another asset is that the app is free !

But be careful, like every social media plateform, it is needed to determine a marketing strategy before starting to post some content. You have to choose the tone you are going to use, and which kind of contents you want to release etc. Do not forget that Snapchat is a very fun media so it is better to use a more relax tone.

What kind of contents should I release on Snapchat ?

  • Teasers for the launch of a new product, a new collection, or for the creation of a partnership.
  • Some behind the scenes footages during a photo shoot for example.
  • Start conversations to create a link with your subscribers and to show them how important they are :  ask them their opinion about a new product, or a new campaign etc.
  • Contests by asking your subscribers to send you photos and videos.
  • Discount coupons : the number of screen shots will tell you how many people were interested by your offer.
  • To allow influencers to takeover your Snapchat during a day to increase your traffic thanks to their audience.

Unlike on Instagram or Pinterest, the quality of the photos is not very important. Subscribers pay only attention to the variety and the wealth of contents.

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