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How to associate quickly your products on Prestashop ?

In e-commerce, the management of a catalog of products is a very time consuming activity. So, sometimes, people tend to skip some non essential steps, like products association, to save some time. However, it is better to create these associations in order to increase internet users’ cart total amount. In fact, these suggestions can have an impact on internet users purchases. If your associations are relevant, then there is a high probability that your clients are going to buy more products than they have anticipated.

How to save some time in your products association on Prestashop ?

At Dream me up,  we want to create efficient tools to help e-merchants to save some time. That is why, we have create our Quick accessories association Prestashop module. This module allows you to associate quickly and easily your products thanks to a single interface

1. Make simple associations

Associate a product with another one thanks to the simple association tab. You just have to select in the lists the two products you want to associate. Then, you can click on the button “Add accessories”. It is possible to filter your products by brand or by category to facilitate your research.

Example for 3 products A, B and C :

  •  Products B and C are associated to the product A
  •  Products A and C are associated to the product B
  •  Products A and B are associated to the product C

products association

2. Make multiple associations

If you want to associate more than two products, it is better to use the “Multiple” tab. As the “Simple” tab, you first have to select the products you want to associate, then you just have to click on the “Associate” button.

products association

3. Final overview

Here is the final overview once the association has been done on your Prestashop online store. Accessories are displayed below the product sheet, in the tab called “Accesories”.

products association

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