How to make your clients loyal ?

Having loyal clients is an undeniable asset for an e-merchant. They tend to spend more money than new clients, and they can even become your brand ambassadors by promoting your e-shop to their friends and family or on social medias. Please note that it is less expensive to convince loyal clients to buy your products than to promote your activity to new clients. And their higher ordering frequency is a guarantee of the stability of your activity.

Knowing your client is the key to create customers loyalty. It is essential to get the maximum of data when you are in contact with a client in order to be able to provide him personnalized services later. But how can you reinforce your customers loyalty ?

3 tips to create customers loyalty

1. Provide good services

Client satisfaction is very important if you want them to be loyal. So you have to make sure that every step of the buying and delivering process is working well. Clients like to be informed about the progress of their order, it is a way for them to feel reassured. That is why, it is better to make it possible for internet users to follow their order, and to keep them informed by sending an order confirmation email or a shipping advice email for example.

It is also vital to have a good and reactive customer service ! Internet users care a lot about your assistance quality. They are usually more inclined to forget about a problem if it has been resolved properly and quickly. To do that, your customer services have to be available and reachable easily. So, do not forget to display distinctly your contact informations. You can even set up a chat or a click to call to help your customers to contact you.

2. Communicate with your clients

To gain your customers loyalty, it is essential to create a strong link with internet users thanks to the different existing channels. Today, it is an obligation for a brand or an e-shop to be on the social media plateforms used by your target. Either it is Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat, it is a cheap way to get to know your potential clients and to communicate with them. Comment, like and share contents to make your community grows and to show you are interested about what they have to say. You can encourage internet users to subscribe to your page by organizing contests or by offering them discount coupons.

You also can regularly send newsletters and personnalized emailings to your client database in order to maintain your relationship. The content of these emails has to be interesting for them and to add some value, internet users have to profit from it. It can be an exclusive presentation of a new product, or a private sale for example.

3. Reward your clients

Every merchant relationship is based on a win-win system. If you want to create customers loyalty and make sure they buy regularly on your e-shop, you have to give them something in exchange. This infography made by Kamel Lefafta gives us some ideas of what to offer to your clients in a rewarding program.

First row (from left to right) : discount coupons, goodies or gift cards, free delivery, private sales or discounts or new products access.

Second row (from left to right) : 24-48h delivery, being welcomed by their name, access to pratical services, personnalized suggestions.

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