5 reasons to have a blog

5 reasons to have a blog on your online store

Nowadays, a lot of small and big companies own a blog. This communication tool adds something to your online store by providing complementary information to internet users. If this trend is not global yet, it is because blogging takes time. Here are a few arguments which might convince you of the utility of a blog.

5 reasons to create a blog on your online store

1. To be more visible

Having a blog is a good way to get more trafic on your online store and to reach a larger audience. Of course, it is essential to write blog posts regularly in order to encourage internet users to come back in the long run.

2. To be more credible

A blog allows you to give some precious advices to internet users, particularly about how to use your products. You can also talk about other subjects linked to your field. This is the perfect tool to differentiate yourself from your competitors by showing your expertise. If you post pertinent content, then you will build your readers trust and start to be credible.

3. To create links with your clients

The frequent creation of contents on your blog will allow you to win the loyalty of your readers. They will come back frequently to read your recommandations and they even will subscribe to your newsletter. You can have real conversations with internet users through comments, and create a link with each one of them. It is very efficient to humanize your brand or your company.

4. To improve your SEO

The creation of a blog is a good way to improve your online store SEO by creating links. Indeed, you get a higher range on search engines if you have incorporated in your content a few links pointing to your online store. The same thing goes if internet users share your posts on social medias or on another blog. And do not forget that search engines give priority to regularly updated websites, that is why you need to post content frequently.

5. To get contents for social medias and your newsletter

All this content will be good to use in your newsletter or to communicate on social medias. It will be easier to differenciate yourself from your competitors by using great and relevant content.


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