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Promote your new products on Prestashop

To get internet users to know about your new products or your new combinations, it is essential to promote it strategically on your online store.

If this task is usually time consuming, it can also become very tedious, especially when you want to promote new combinations. Indeed, Prestashop does not allow you to display products that have been created for a long time in the “New products” category. It means that you need to recreate a new product page to display your new combination in the “New products” category.

How to promote your new products on Prestashop ?

At Dream me up, we love helping you to save some time by making things easier. That is why, we have created the new products management Prestashop module which allows you to promote quickly and easily your new products.

  1. Select the product you want to display in the “New products” category. Thanks to this module, you can promote your new product in one click on all the provided spaces, it will not take into account its age.


new products

It is also possible to make a mass selection if you want to add several products to the “New products” category.

new products

2. Modify quickly and easily the displaying time of your new products.

new products

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