client experience

How to improve your clients experience on Prestashop ?

It is probably the most used expression by e-commerce experts right now : the client experience. But, what is it ? Client experience can be defined as the client’s opinion about a brand after he had been in contact directly or indirectly with it. It is composed of several elements linked to the customer’s well being before, during and after the buying process.

client experience

If it is sometimes neglected by e-merchants, a good client experience is still an undeniable asset to increase your sales on your e-shop. Indeed, the clients satisfaction can improve your brand’s reputation, so it allows you to get new clients easily and at a lower cost.

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beta test prestashop 1.7 alpha 3

Release of the beta Test version of Prestashop 1.7 Alpha 3

Today, the Team PrestaShop has released the Beta Test PretaShop 1.7 Alpha 3 which will lead to an official version in a few weeks. This version can not be used to create a e-store, it is just a test in order to identify the differents bugs and the potential improvements that can be made. To give your feedback on those elements you can create a ticket on the 1.7 Forge project. The Team Prestashop is going to release a beta and a Release Candidate (RC) before releasing the final stable version.

Prestashop 1.7 Alpha 3 (more…)

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Statistics in real time

How to follow the path of your e-shop visitors on PrestaShop ?

Being an e-merchant, you are usually dying to know who is on your Prestashop e-store at the moment, or which product pages are visited right now by internet users. It is absolutely normal to be curious about your e-shop activity and to want to know more about your visitors. Today, personalization is key, so you need to get all the right information to manage correctly your e-commerce activity.

How to know more about your visitors and their path on your E-store ?

At Dream me up, we work every day in collaboration with a lot of e-merchants from different fields. So we are aware of the importance of this problematic for your activity. That is why we have created a Prestashop module allowing you to get all the information you need in real time. (more…)

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Prestashop is now on Youtube

PrestaShop is now on Youtube

PrestaShop has launched its own Youtube channel

Yesterday, PrestaShop revealed that they are launching their own Youtube channel dedicated to e-commerce. The aim is to provide contents to guide online sellers in the creation and the management of their activity. What can we expect : tutorials, advices and tips, the best practices from PrestaShop experts, some feedbacks but also some seminars replays !

It is a good month for PrestaShop as the Prestashop community just passed the one-million member mark.

So, did you subscribe ?

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the m-commerce

The growth of m-commerce in France

Digitalization and smartphone democratization are reponsible for the success of the m-commerce for the last years. French people are more and more connected. Smartphones and tablets have now replaced computers. That is why, your online store needs to be mobile friendly. There are two solutions. You can create a mobile version of your online store in addition to your actual online store, or you can make your online store responsive. It means that your website is displayed differently according to the device used. Changing your website to a responsive version has a cost, but we are sure that the following statistics are going to convince you that it is worth it.

The growth of m-commerce in France

What is the m-commerce ?

The m-commerce or the mobile commerce is the aggregation of all the online purchases made using a smartphone or a tablet. Today, most of the clients still use a computer to order online, but it could change this year. They do not use their smartphone only to get information anymore, clients tend to use it more and more to buy online. Fashion, transportation, culture, high tech and tourism are the most affected fields.


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colors psychology

Colors psychology : The impacts on internet users

When creating an online store, we tend to forget about the color meanings. We usually make our choices according to our personal preferences. But according to several studies, colors could have a huge impact on consumer’s decision making. So, it means that your choice of colors for your website or even your products could encourage people to buy something or not. This science is called colors psychology. And even if it is still difficult to prove this theory, we can deny the existence of a real link between the two.

How to know which colors to use for my online store ?

The actual trend is to keep it simple. It is better not to use more than 3 or 4 colors on your e-shop. And remember that some colors do not go with each other ! Look at your competitors websites  and research the standards in your field to know which colors you should use. You also need to analyze your target’s preferences. Do not forget that women tend to like soft colors more whereas men like bright colors better.


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Quick products administration

How to save time on the management of your products catalogue ?

No matter how big is your Prestashop e-commerce online store, you know that managing your catalogue of products can be very time consuming and even tedious. In fact, if you want to modify something on a few products you have to edit each one of them, one by one ! So we challenged ourselves to improve your Prestashop experience by helping you to save some time ! That is why, we created for you the DMU quick products Administration module.

Quick products administration module

Easy to use, this module gives you a detailed overview of your catalogue of products. But mostly, it allows you to edit quickly all the characteristics of your products thanks to a single interface(more…)

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customer ratings

How to manage customer ratings on your PrestaShop e-shop?

Nowadays, internet users get more and more suspicious when they buy on internet, they spend a lot of time comparing offers and looking for a trustful online store. That is why, customer ratings is a way for them to get a lot of information. They evaluate a website credibility through the global opinion. It is important to know that today 88% of internet users read customer ratings before they buy a product and 52% of them search the product on social media. It is now so important to build a good online reputation and to avoid making any mistakes.

How to manage customer ratings on your online store ?

Despite the associated risks, it is definitely an asset for your e-shop to have customer ratings. In fact, the aim is to reassure your potential clients and to encourage them to buy your products. Studies show that online stores displaying customer ratings generate over 3 times more sales on average than others. It is even better to put some customer ratings on your home page to incitate internet user to stay on your website. (more…)

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3 tips to increase your sales

How can you improve your conversion rate on your online store ? What are the existing tools to increase your sales ? These are recurrent questions for online merchants who are building their strategy. Nowadays, there are several methods to improve your conversion rate, either by making some changes on your e-shop or by improving your communication methods.

Here are 3 tips to increase your sales

1. Create rich contents

It is important to give internet users information about your activity, your company and mostly about your products. You do not have to use all the following tools, however most of them are unavoidable.


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free delivery

Offer free delivery : yes or no ?

The debate about delivery costs is still ongoing. Today, several big e-commerce companies offer free delivery to their clients. However, it is not that easy for e-merchants with a limited budget.

So, should you offer free delivery ?

The e-commerce market becomes more and more competitive, today there are more than 180 000 e-stores in France. So internet users can compare what you have to offer to your competitors in a few clicks. That is why, you have to provide an offer that fulfills their needs in terms of products, payment methods, delivery methods and mostly in terms of price. Are your clients ready to pay additional costs to get your product ? How important is free delivery to them ? What are the benefits for online sellers ? Are there any alternatives ? Here are some answers !

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