How to make your clients loyal ?

Having loyal clients is an undeniable asset for an e-merchant. They tend to spend more money than new clients, and they can even become your brand ambassadors by promoting your e-shop to their friends and family or on social medias. Please note that it is less expensive to convince loyal clients to buy your products than to promote your activity to new clients. And their higher ordering frequency is a guarantee of the stability of your activity.

Knowing your client is the key to create customers loyalty. It is essential to get the maximum of data when you are in contact with a client in order to be able to provide him personnalized services later. But how can you reinforce your customers loyalty ?

3 tips to create customers loyalty


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3 tips to increase your sales

How can you improve your conversion rate on your online store ? What are the existing tools to increase your sales ? These are recurrent questions for online merchants who are building their strategy. Nowadays, there are several methods to improve your conversion rate, either by making some changes on your e-shop or by improving your communication methods.

Here are 3 tips to increase your sales

1. Create rich contents

It is important to give internet users information about your activity, your company and mostly about your products. You do not have to use all the following tools, however most of them are unavoidable.


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free delivery

Offer free delivery : yes or no ?

The debate about delivery costs is still ongoing. Today, several big e-commerce companies offer free delivery to their clients. However, it is not that easy for e-merchants with a limited budget.

So, should you offer free delivery ?

The e-commerce market becomes more and more competitive, today there are more than 180 000 e-stores in France. So internet users can compare what you have to offer to your competitors in a few clicks. That is why, you have to provide an offer that fulfills their needs in terms of products, payment methods, delivery methods and mostly in terms of price. Are your clients ready to pay additional costs to get your product ? How important is free delivery to them ? What are the benefits for online sellers ? Are there any alternatives ? Here are some answers !

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Write a product datasheet

Product datasheet : The mistakes to avoid !

It usually takes 1 minute and 30 seconds to internet users to get an opinion on a product. That means you have a very short amount of time to convince them to buy your product on your Prestashop e-shop. It is the role of the product datasheet, which is the digital equivalent of a seller in a physical store. But unlike sellers, the product datasheet can not change its speech according to the client or the prospect. It is identical for everybody, that is why it needs to be perfect !

Here are a few mistakes you should avoid doing on your product datasheet !

What you should not do


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Prestashop e-commerce

[Test] is Prestashop the right e-commerce solution for you ?

Do you plan on creating an online store ? Do you want to move your actual online store to another e-commerce solution ? It is not always easy to evaluate if a solution will suit your needs. And there are so many of them, it is really hard to choose the right one ! Among these several existing solutions, PrestaShop is still one of the most famous ones, thanks to its efficiency and the fact that it is very easy to use. Today, PrestaShop is used in over 200 countries in the world and it powers about 250 000 online stores.

How do you know PrestaShop will fill your expectations ? This test allows you to know in a few seconds if you are compatible !

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conversion funnel

[ecommerce] 3 techniques to optimize your conversion funnel !

As an online seller, your obsessive fear is to witness a lot of cart abandonments on your e-shop. Today, we observe that more than 68% of internet users do not go through the whole bying process. That is why you are working really hard to offer them an efficient conversion funnel. But what are the best pratices ?

Here are 3 techniques to optimize your conversion funnel !

Before starting, you need to identify the determining factors in the shopper’s decision making process. In other words : why did he decided not to buy it ?

In this infography, Kamel LEFAFTA give us the main reasons of cart abandonment in Europe.

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