products association

How to associate quickly your products on Prestashop ?

In e-commerce, the management of a catalog of products is a very time consuming activity. So, sometimes, people tend to skip some non essential steps, like products association, to save some time. However, it is better to create these associations in order to increase internet users’ cart total amount. In fact, these suggestions can have an impact on internet users purchases. If your associations are relevant, then there is a high probability that your clients are going to buy more products than they have anticipated.

How to save some time in your products association on Prestashop ?

At Dream me up,  we want to create efficient tools to help e-merchants to save some time. That is why, we have create our Quick accessories association Prestashop module. This module allows you to associate quickly and easily your products thanks to a single interface(more…)

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Quick products administration

How to save time on the management of your products catalogue ?

No matter how big is your Prestashop e-commerce online store, you know that managing your catalogue of products can be very time consuming and even tedious. In fact, if you want to modify something on a few products you have to edit each one of them, one by one ! So we challenged ourselves to improve your Prestashop experience by helping you to save some time ! That is why, we created for you the DMU quick products Administration module.

Quick products administration module

Easy to use, this module gives you a detailed overview of your catalogue of products. But mostly, it allows you to edit quickly all the characteristics of your products thanks to a single interface(more…)

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discount campaigns DMU

[Update] Manage easily your discount campaigns !

As a new year usually means changes and evolutions, we decided it was time to update our discount campaign module.

Recap of this module’s features

For those of you who did not know about this (almost) magic module, it essentially allows you to apply a discount to a large product selection in a few clicks. It is also possible to set your discount campaign in advance, which basically means no more panic attacks while preparing for sale day!

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